- The heart is classic, metal is the pulse! -

07.04.2017 | Line Up-change and upcoming Album

It's time to announce a change once more. We are currently starting with the songwriting of our... [more]

05.12.2016 | Fabrizio Finamore is the new molllust-drummer!

A decision has been made: Soon we will have an Italian working the sticks again!! [more]

29.07.2016 | Clemens is leaving molllust

... and will take more time for his family and his solo project. We are very sad and searching for... [more]

20.05.2016 | We were funded by the Wacken Foundation again!

Our joy about the unexpected windfall knows no limits! [more]

13.06.2016 | New concert dates published!

Slowly our events calender is filling up... [more]

06.07.2016 | Acoustics showreel released!

At our acoustics show in Budapest we had the pleasant surprise to be in the presence of the... [more]

13.06.2016 | From now on we've got a booker!

Jan, bass singer of Van Canto and the master mind behind Stimmgewalt, will fill our events calendar... [more]

05.06.2016 | Special show for christmas with Orphaned Land!

After all acoustic concerts it's getting loud again!! [more]

12.04.2016 | Video - Directors Cut released!

Surprise: There is also a long version of our video clip of "Voices of the Dead"! [more]

12.04.2016 | Tour kick-off and In Deep Waters-release!

Finally, this is the day: We start our first big tour and "In Deep Water" sees the light of the day! [more]