Simon | E-Bass

Picture and Editing: Frank Helbig,


Music has played a role in my life for more than two decades. What started out with trumpet lessons and the church brass band led me through numerous ensembles and different musicals styles, as I played in several orchestras big bands and combos. During my childhood and early teenage years classical and jazz dominated my musical life but in my late teenage years however, my interest in harder music grew constantly. My first thought was the guitar, on which I experimented with chords and riffs in different musical styles, although harder music always dominated my endeavors.

Impressed by some formative bass players in my circle of friends, the electronic bass won more and more sympathy over the guitar until it triumphed over it. With this I played in my first rock band 'So Much Busses'.

Musically uprooted by my high school degree, I reoriented and started studying 'composition and music technology' in Hilversum (Netherlands). Along side composition, my musical life was mostly dominated by jamming and singing in the chamber choir of our department. Through my compositional endeavors in electronic music however, musical instruments became more a supplier of sounds than tools of musical expression.

After moving to Leipzig, I discovered molllust, who impressed me with their organic synthesis of classical music and metal, two of my greatest musical passions. When I heard that they were searching for a new bass player, I enthusiastically offered to fill this gap. That it worked out very well not only on a musical but also a personal level, reassured me that I had found the right band. I have zealously plucked the contrast between lyrical classical music and crushing metal ever since.