Material for the press

On this page you find several materials for download. You can use them for advertising texts, reports about us and similar stuff. The pictures are free to print.

If you need more information which cannot be found here, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone +49 / 160 / 91842963 or mail post[at] We'll take care that you get the needed materials as fast as possible.

Contact for press and promotion


Markus Eck


 - musically classification of the band (Text)
 - logo
 - fotos of the whole band as well as fotos of each band member
 - short bandhistory
 - contact data
 - press comments
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Highres bandfoto

The pressfotos are free to use. Please mention the author Frank Helbig.

JPG Picture 1 [5.7 MB] | JPG Picture 2 [4.2 MB]

For more fotos, please browse our gallery! We can accord you high resolution versions as needed.