molllust says thanks

Andy and Janika: Recording for the Bach-EP
Andy und Janika

Andy Schmidt - Echolux-Studio

The Echolux Studio, former known as "KickTheFlame" is the TOP address when it comes to high quality music recording in Leipzig. Andy Schmidt, mastermind of Disillusion from Leipzig, gave our songs the finishing touch and a mind blowing sound. To choose him as our producer was one of the best decisions we ever made! To quote ourselves "... was bin ich ohne dich?" [what am I without you?]

Ivo Zibulla behind the molllust poster designed by him
Ivo Zibulla

Ivo Zibulla - Ungestalt

What Mr. Schmidt is for the ears, Ivo Zibulla is for the eyes. He created the design for our album "Schuld" and gave molllust a new look along the way. We are so pleased with him, that it was beyond all question who would design our Bach-EP ...

Frank during our shoting at Janikas throne

Frank Helbig - 7-tes Laboratorium

Speaking of eyes: A HUGE thanks to our fotographer Frank Helbig! He supplies us with amazing pictures, both live and studio. He shows great skill and feeling for an aesthetic editing. Makus Eck says:  "…solcherlei Anmut, Ästhetik und strahlend-"samtene Düster-Romantik" bringen oft nicht mal die großen Labels hinsichtlich Promos-Shots zustande! Ein HOCH auf euren Foto-Könner!" [... such grace, aesthetic and "shining dark romance" often even the great labels can't deliver when it comes to promo shots! HURRAY to your foto master!]

Markus Eck - Metalmessage

Markus Eck of Metalmessage delivers the name and sound of molllust to the journalists of the world with contagious enthusiasm. Tirelessly, he brings us to the blogs and magazines of the world. And by the way he motivates us with his rhapsodic way to go on and on and on.

Cupid und Psyche und

Fine feathers make fine birds. The saying also counts for the ladies of molllust. Susan Scheiblich und Mandy Härtel outfitted us with gorgeous dresses, to let the ladies shine glamorous at the band photos. Many thanks for providing us such fine dresses!