07.04.2017 | Line Up-change and upcoming Album

It's time to announce a change once more. We are currently starting with the songwriting of our upcoming album. We took the chance to reflect how the future for molllust will be in this new chapter of band history. We were thinking about it for a long time, exchanged our thoughts... but in the end it turned out that two of our longtime band members will choose another path for their future: Luisa and Lisa. We love to think back to many beautiful hours together. Crazy stuff like Luisa's last minute-on-stage-flight-action in Hamburg, where she rushed on stage during the show due to a delated flight. Lisa's and Sandrine's bow-battles for diverse events. Countless hours of intense rehearsals and the "molllust-ladies-meetings". And, of course, Lisa's legendary owl-face and Luisa's legendary sunshine aura. All of this will stay part of molllust as it lead us to the point where we are now. In addition, we are sure more memories will add up in the future - apart from molllust. We wish only the best to both for the path they chose!

This inevitably leads to the question how our future line up will be. You will get to know details soon. What's for sure: molllust will be supported by wonderful musicians in the future who we will present to you soon. Besides molllust, they are involved in several projects around the globe - that's why there will surely be some overlaps in time between those projects and molllust-concerts. As a result, we are currently looking for alternating musicians that share their position at molllust. To make sure we can always play with a full line up, we additionally do auditions for understudies/Back ups for each string instrument. So if you are a proficient string player and you would like to join us on stage time by time, contact us!