16.10.2012 | … back to the studio: Bach!

Our album is just released, but we are in the studio again. Why? Because we want to record our Bach-project. When our victory-concert will take place, we want to release the CD with the Bach-recordings as well. By experience, it is better to start quite early to finish everything in time.
Compared to our album, the recording was just a blink of an eye. It’s not only the amount of songs (four instead of eleven). The more important reason is that we are a good working team with Andy now. This is why we could avoid some of the problems and mistakes we did in our first recording – and this saves time. This time we started with the recording of the drums. Frank and Tommaso and I went to the studio and played together. But only the drums were recorded. Click tracks were built quickly. Tommasos drumming was precise and emotional at the same time. This caused Andy to be in a great mood and an unexpected free day for all of us. The piano followed directly and didn’t take us much time, too. Frank also rocked the guitar quickly on tape. The atmosphere in the studio was very relaxed, but concentrated at the same time. With the other instruments and the voices, you could soon feel and recognize the spirit the CD will transport. We were a bit afraid whether I would be able to sing because I was fighting against a sore throat. But I fought with all possibilities I had against it: much sleep, tea, medicine, scarf-carrying and a huge portion of will power. And finally, I won. Concerning the sound, Bach will be a bit more uncongested and antique then our debut. Right now, we are really enthusiastic about the results, although the mixing-and editing process has still to be done.
In addition, the Cover artwork is already in process. Ivo, our designer from “Ungestalt” and me developed together different ideas and finally, a concept was born. I’ll tell you a first clue: We’ll work with photographs again. Therefore we called Frank Helbig as our beloved band-photographer and made the necessary pictures.

Conclusion of the shooting:

  • light yellow = white.
  • looking serious seems to be more attractive with a decent smile.
  • rain = annoying. Darkness = even more annoying. Trees and pedestals: enemies for photographing Bach.
  • what Janika calls a banana with ornaments, Frank names as head which seems strangely cutted and decorated with cookie curls
  • white umbrella = light assistance. Black umbrella = protection of wetness.

The next step will be to create the final product from all the material we developed. We can’t wait to hear and see the results!
In the meantime, we take care of a lot of organizational stuff:

  • promotion of our album. The world should know what we did.
  • Booking. Naturally, we want to play many more shows.
  • we are still busy relaunching our website…
  • and, of course: rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals… there is always something to improve!


To be honest, our to-do list is a never ending story. Every time we finish a task, there suddenly appears a new one. In fact, it is frustrating, but we keep going!