27.12.2013 | Janika has an affair

... or: From Arnstadt to Turkey and back to Leipzig - a  December full of concerts

And suddenly it was Christmas. To be honest, I didn't really realize it until now. In fact, I was too busy in practising my vocals. Therefore I had almost no time for a chilly Christmas time.

First Advent was a concert at a special event for us: BachAdvent in Arnstadt. We were pretty curious: What kind of audience would be there, how would they react to our music? Probably different to the people we usually meet in front of our stage. And yes, we were right: the audience was a mixture from young children to aged persons sitting and awaiting the concert. Stage was pretty small, so we had to puzzle a bit to get all of us on it. And while soundcheck, the violin made us all nervous, because it was simply silent and we busily searched for the solution. Therefore we started our concert a bit delayed. When I look back to the concert, there's one feeling dominating: Warmth. The organisation committee was really taking care of us and we got a great catering, the audience carefully listened to us and was  very cheerful - and numberous! They didn't even fit all in the concert hall. We all became fans of BachAdvent!

But I didn't have much time to get lost in my memories. Five days later I found myself in a plane heading to Istanbul. My mission: Singing the soprano part for Haggard. For me, the time in advance went by pretty quickly. I had two and a half week to prepare the shows in Turkey - and you can imagine how I passed those days. If any of my neighbours had not realized until that time that they lived next to a soprano - now they all knew for sure. I felt a bit exited when the plane lifted. I was curious about all the other musicians. And I asked myself questions like: How would the Haggard-Fans react to me? Would everything work well?

In Istanbul, I was purely overwhelmed by the huge amount of new impressions. Amazed of the great view, I hang on the window of the plane while we landed. Same happened when the bus drove us to the hotel. And it seemed to be a wonder that I didn't crash into other people while I enjoyed Istanbul's nightlife for some hours, because I was busily starring at all the beautiful buildings around me. In addition, the Haggard-guys turned out to be pretty sympathetic. I would really have loved to spend all the night with them... or just walk through the streets of Istanbul... or both at the same time... but I was reasonable enough to go back to the hotel. This was no holiday trip and I had to do a good job at my stage premiere with Haggard the next day.

This meant at first: Soundcheck. And what lasts long with molllust, lasts even longer with Haggard since there were a couple of musicians who had to hear themselves and who should be mixed well. And then the fans arrived - and turned the concert hall into a moshpit.

It was crowded and the fans were really enthusiastic. I entered stage and still felt a bit insecure. But, you know, stage somehow is home for me, no matter, who is beside me and who in front. Therefore I soon felt confortable and just got taken by the music. I danced, sang, enjoyed the show - and the really overwhelming response of the fans. In advance, I really worried to much: I got a very warm-hearted welcome and no tomatoes flew. When I left the backstage area after the concert, it seemed like a huge wave of fans just swallowed me. I never hugged so many people in such a short amount of time before, never smiled in so many different cameras, nor gave so many authographs. I felt overwhelmed. But in a positive way: What could be a greater honour for an artist than enthusiastic fans?

Janika on stage with Haggard - Photo: Çağlayan Göksoy
Janika on stage with Haggard

Back in the hotel, it was really hard for me to calm down and sleep. I was totally flashed by all the impressions of the evening. But there wasn't much time left to sleep, since we had to take the flight to Ankara at noon. Ankara welcomed us with snow, cold temperatures and slippy ground. In fact, it was warmer in Germany than there. There was only few time left at the hotel until we left again for soundcheck. Again, the concert hall was full of enthusiastic fans and I entered stage more secure than in Istanbul. It felt like it wouldn't be the second concert with them, but as if we did this together many times before. Therefore I could really enjoy the evening and the show. The fan-meeting afterwards was shorter than expected: The security pulled all the fans out of the concert hall. That's why we had no choice but to meet the brave ones who waited for us despite the cold outside. But between so many warm-hearted people the temperature turned out to be unimportant. Not even four hours of sleep later, we went to the airport again - and everything was over again. But beside all my memories, the impressions turned to life in front of my inner eye again and again the next days, whenever I logged in to my facebook profile and each time discovered new friends-requests, photos and videos of the shows.

The molllust-Cookie!
The molllust-Cookie!

Finally, it was really time to get a bit of Christmas spirit - at least at the weekend, since there are some molllust plans for the next year that kept me busy during the week. Therefore, it was cookie-baking-time with my molllust- mates! The kitchen was suddenly crowded and lively: Six musicians, our merch-fairy Anna and our photographer Frank in company with Lydia entered in a great mood and with a lot of ingredients. We laughed much, chatted, I told about my journey... and we baked, of course. Some hours later, we had turned some kilos of butter, flour and so on into a huge amount of different Christmas cookies. Just for the record: molllust would also make a good bakery. Naturally, there was some handmade music, too. Lydia and Frank invented cool special molllust cookies with black and white icing. The black icing didn’t only colors cookies, but also tongues and teeth. Guitar-Frank and Johannes had to try this instantly! Maybe we should include the icing as a makeup extension for the guys for our next stage shows.

The molllust-bakery
The molllust-bakery

But finally we have some Christmas holidays until we enter the stage again at the 28th of December to support Coppelius. Therefore we cannot feast too much during Christmas time – otherwise the girls won’t fit in their ballroom dresses anymore!